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Apparently we have a shot at the #1 RB for 2020

Posted on: December 6, 2018 at 09:52:42 CT
mizzoubrite MU
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Has this already been posted? Couldn't find it, but surprised me a bit( EDIT--Yeah sorry it was posted, still bigtime news--). If we have a great year & keep it flowing well with this kid, holy cow THIS would be Odom's biggest recruiting coup by far:

Zachery Evans on Twitter:
"I am blessed to receive an offer from The University Of Missouri which is a childhood favorite of mine #ShowMe20 #Blessed"

to which Alec Lewis (The Athletic) points out:

"Zachary Evans is http://Rivals.com 's No. 2 player in the country for 2020. He's a five-star RB. It has become incredibly apparent that #Mizzou has turned this thing up."

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Apparently we have a shot at the #1 RB for 2020 - mizzoubrite MU - 12/6 09:52:42
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