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Over the last two years there have been a few players

Posted on: January 10, 2019 at 12:09:58 CT
eatatjoes MU
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choose to come back to Mizzou that could have gone on to the NFL. All three (Lock, Beckner and Albert O.) have made it clear that being a part of the Mizzou family was a big factor in their decisions. Maybe one of Odom's biggest strengths is the atmosphere that he and his coaching staff have helped to create. It shows the stability of the program, and in my view is much more important than any schematic or play-calling issues that people around here get obsessed with.
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Over the last two years there have been a few players - eatatjoes MU - 1/10 12:09:58
     Seems little doubt that he gets the players behind him. - GA Tiger MU - 1/10 13:22:31
     I can agree with that. As much as I hate games that we lose - Uncle John MU - 1/10 12:58:46
          Baseline, Mizzou should be an 8-win team. - alwaysright MU - 1/10 16:33:46
     My suspicion is that's spin - Mormad MU - 1/10 12:15:58
          Whether it's spin or not, they are coming back and are - eatatjoes MU - 1/10 12:40:55
               No, that's exactly right - Mormad MU - 1/10 12:44:45
                    We agree. Hopefully Crockett has no regrets. If he can stay - eatatjoes MU - 1/10 12:52:12
                         I think Crockett is scared of more injuries. He'll get a - alwaysright MU - 1/10 17:46:10

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