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Recruiting players for winning your conference

Posted on: January 11, 2019 at 16:06:48 CT
mattieo86 MU
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is what gets some SEC teams in trouble against ooc teams....

If you notice Bama and Arky in the past have these giant corners who our more oriented to stop the run.(LSU is somewhat different because they usually have the top corners in the NCAA and are more balanced)

Other conferences seem much different.
B12 puts all their top speed guys on offense where many times in the SEC they play D.

Mizzou shifted their focus to stopping the run in the SEC. It worked well, 4th down stops vs. Bama, Georgia, and Kentucky. Pretty sure Florida too. So Mizzou can stuff the run pretty decently, but lack in pass D.

In years past we were able to disguise our weak secondary with a valiant pass rush. (The only exception recently to the weak pass D were E.J Gaines and somewhat Penton)
Any team that commits to the pass can easily dominate Mizzou, our safeties and Lbs really struggle in coverage. Our cornerbacks rarely turn and play the ball in the air.

I'm really hoping we can build up our secondary.
4 star 2019 safety commit Jalani Williams is something we have been needing for years, a ball-hawking safety with elite speed. I'm super excited about him.

Oops I started the post talking about recruiting to win your conference and drifted to Mizzou's needs.
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