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It is funny, in a stupid and pathetic way, how the left

Posted on: January 12, 2019 at 08:41:24 CT
hokie VT
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mocks sane people for their concern about what they describe as a 29-year-old first term congresswoman from New York. You see idiots, we are not concerned that she can beat us up. It’s more than that.

Why don’t you go tell North Koreans not to be afraid of that fat little dope with a bad haircut?

I guess Europe and European Jews were just sissies for being afraid of a short art school drop out with a bad charlie chaplain mustache in the 1930s.

And china was just cowardly beyond beliefe when they were frightened of a fat little despot in the 1950s.

Manly men, macho men, virile men like leftfield, who wrestle grizzly bears and pump iron are certainly not going to be afraid of a 29-year-old first term congresswoman from New York.

Leftfield could probably beat her up, easily. Could take two out of three for sure. And it is the manly idiots who wind up in trouble. Because they are incapable of rational thought as opposed to displays of manly, “courage.”
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