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it persists simply because people are fantastic at ignoring

Posted on: January 12, 2019 at 08:45:55 CT
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any problems, issues, or even questions about a "solution" they attach to emotionally.

Folks like AOC (and millions of others before her and currently, including TB) see only "all this can be put here and look at all the good we will do".

Once that is implanted EMOTIONALLY, it is astonishingly rare for human beings to muster the INTELLECTUAL drive to analyze the premises, assumptions, other consequences, unintended and intangible consequences, etc.

It exists for the same reason people overspend, cheat on spouses, procrastinate, overeat, all kinds of things...

...it exists because it satisfies a human need. In this case, the need to feel as though you are "doing good" and "fighting bad" - and it allows you to ignore the reality that your entire belief is predicated upon theft, use of force to redistribute, control others, believe some small group can plan for hundreds of millions more effectively than a market can react to needs and drivers of individual players.
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     it persists simply because people are fantastic at ignoring - 90Tiger MU - 1/12 08:45:55
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