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Which team would you buy a ticket for at this point?

Posted on: February 10, 2019 at 17:40:36 CT
drfrightner MU
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Mens or Womens basketball?

Considering the woman have one of the top 10 recruits in the country coming into their program I'm going with the woman. They should get more love since this thread is basketball not gender specific.

It really is time to stop talking about men's basketball and realize the woman run the roost at Mizzou. Their success has elevated their program to a top 20 in the country year in and out.

They have two top 100 kids coming in this year, two last year, including 3 five star players over the past two recruiting classes.

UCONN woman pack the arena... there is nothing wrong with switching the topic around here to the more successful program THE WOMAN!

Talk about the very bored and tired men's program, or go with the winning program. Go Mizzou Women's Basketball.

So honestly who's games would you rather spend your money on? Just wondering
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Which team would you buy a ticket for at this point? - drfrightner MU - 2/10 17:40:36
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          They are better at shooting threes, FT and held balls.(nm) - 68-69ron MU - 2/11 13:49:03
          I can't go that far. (nm) - mizzou john MU - 2/11 13:42:01
     Mens, by a considerable margin. (nm) - FIJItiger MU - 2/10 19:29:19
     I'd buy a ticket to see you stop posting(nm) - Mizzmi27 MU - 2/10 18:17:23
          How much?(nm) - WildCard MU - 2/10 19:01:29
     Both - Uncle John MU - 2/10 17:52:58
          Listen to your Uncle John!(nm) - 68-69ron MU - 2/10 19:55:41

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