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Maybe she was "pressured" into doing her job, i.e. tutoring

Posted on: February 11, 2019 at 07:36:24 CT
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at an acceptable level. One former athlete claimed that dear Yolanda didn't help him at all and he had to switch tutors. Other (non-athlete) students have claimed she allowed them to cheat while she served as a substitute teacher, which would indicate that the "benefits" offered to the athletes under her tutelage were also available to other students. Finally, why would the NCAA believe anything said by a pathological liar who's committed multiple crimes (passing bad checks, etc.)?

The fact that she supposedly kept a record of her transgressions seems very suspicious to me unless that record was either falsified and/or was intended to be used to either blackmail the university or possibly be used to shop around to the highest bidder. Her subsequent social media posts certainly indicate that she has serious psychological issues.
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