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RE: 10 steals today has to be a recent record. Gave up 17 offen

Posted on: February 11, 2019 at 07:40:24 CT
Ragarm MU
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In most college games today, T/Os do play a big roll, but I am coming to the conclusion that double digit T/Os are not only going to continue being the norm, but I think it likely that in the next few years seeing 20 T/Os as common won't be unheard of.
My reasoning is this: 1)it is already common to have double digit T/Os. 2)Players, both the men and women, are so athletic and love playing fast. Fast is one of the major reasons for T/Os. 3)Coaches seem to have fallen in love with the positionless stuff which usually means speeding things up. 4)Right now, it is pretty new and both players and coaches are having trouble with it unless they have a lot of bigs that fit the mode. 5)Coaches are still pushing defense hard and with this increase in playing fast they are accepting the T/Os as a part of the game.
The biggest problem to be worked out is when teams have those big offensive dry spells which is going to happen a lot with the "all in on the 3 pt shot"! Sports are a follow the leader way to do business. So this is the direction to which we are moving in basketball now. Accepting the bad in order to have the 3 point game. Players like this to unless you skill set doesn't fit the trend.
Points off T/Os are the keys right now to many many losses.

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