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RE: Levy is just an awful passer

Posted on: February 11, 2019 at 07:50:08 CT
Ragarm MU
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She isn't any different that any of the other girls on the team. However, being the pg and the only one that plays fast with the ball in her hands when she is on the floor makes hers more noticeable.
Every player on the team is a lazy passer if you watch. They telegraph their passess. The throw slow looping passes. The try to fit them in to tight windows of double and even triple teams.
Yes, Levy has those difficulties, but she does make passes that no other player on this team ever makes. I think Robin has just reached the point of acceptance of those with her because her energy on the floor is contagious with the rest of the team.
I am not leaving Sophie out of the lazy passing either. She had two of those yesterday.
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