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WBB selection committee reveals the top 16 tonight...

Posted on: February 11, 2019 at 14:08:17 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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at halftime of the UConn-SC game. I don’t expect a lot of surprises at the top. Baylor, Oregon, and Louisville will be 1 seeds, and either UConn or Miss St the other 1 seed. Notre Dame will be one of the three other 2 seeds, and Stanford too, despite the 40 point thrashing they took at home yesterday from Oregon. The last 2 seed could be a surprise, NC State has dropped slightly, so it wouldn’t shock me to see SC get the last 2 seed.

Will be interesting to see how the committee ranks the 3 and 4 seeds at this point. A lot of games still to play, but this gives some indication how they are weighing similar teams. The next, and last, reveal comes on March 4. Don’t be surprised if the SEC only has 2 national seeds tonight, Kentucky and TAMU have been on the fence for several weeks and may not get a 4 seed at this point.
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WBB selection committee reveals the top 16 tonight... - bluetiger_ MU - 2/11 14:08:17

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