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RE: Problems with Articles of Confederation:

Posted on: February 11, 2019 at 15:54:15 CT
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-No centralized currency, each state had its own.

The Constitution didn't establish a centralized currency. It also did not outlaw state currency, unless it was not redeemable in gold or silver. So, not much changed here.

Also, centralized govt currency is the number one economic problem hampering the US (and the world today). So, nothing to cheer really.

-Federal Government could not settle debts from the Revolution.

You mean to say, the govt was unable to steal money from people to pay off the debt incurred by continental govt during the war. So, the Constitution was good because it paid off rich war profiteers... is that good?

-States individually negotiated foreign policy.

No problem with that. There were no major international conflicts during this time. Peace is good.

-The amendment process was nearly impossible with 100% of states required to approve changes.

So, only the imperative things would become centralized law. Sounds like a good thing.

-The federal government had no means to stifle internal rebellion or violence.

Not their job to stifle local violence; still isn't their job today under the Constitution today.

As for internal rebellion, you mean like the process that led to the Constitution? Otherwise, what historical concerns where there?

-Congress could pass laws, but no way to enforce laws.

Oh no!!! Can you imagine a world today where the federal govt couldn't enforce the prohibition of marijuana for example??

-No population-based representation.

It was a near powerless govt, so who cares?

-Resulting tariff wars between states.

One of the few decent upgrades with the Constitution was the original purpose of the Commerce Clause which was intended to prohibit interstate tariffs. Of course, this clause has been interpreted to do the exact opposite of its original intention, and is found as the basis for all sorts of trade restrictions.
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