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Softball Thoughts

Posted on: February 11, 2019 at 16:43:16 CT
BruceInLA MU
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First, a disclaimer. i can't do much criticizing of the players. Many of their relatives read this board and I have no interest in being confronted by them in Palm Springs. Two years ago I yelled encouragement to a Tiger batter at a game. Immediately, a relative of hers turned around, saw me and said, "that's BruceInLA". Gulp. And the coaches have been known to read the board. Once a coach said to me (true story), "what's the deal with that bluetiger guy".

I won't name the coach but will say that if bluetiger_ ever goes to a Virginia Tech game he won't be wearing his "bluetiger_ TIGERBOARD " custom made shirt.

I have no criticism of our god awful performance against Oregon. Our Friday night game ended around 11pm and then we were forced to play the earliest game on Sat morning at 9am. Coach told the girls that softball doesn't care how much sleep you got. She may not give them a pass but I can.

*No decision has been made yet whether Kessinger will redshirt.

*Best news of the weekend is that we are following in coach E's tradition of no singing and chanting in the dugout. Thank goodness. Coach E was tough on his girls but coach A is no day on the beach. Lots of disciple rules for them. A few parents told me that the girls really love her.

*Those who were wondering if Rollin is healthy now, yes she is

*Looks like there will be more sacrifice bunting then I like. Disappointing to me that coach has not solicitated my expert opinion on the subject. I just hate giving up outs. Here's an example. Speedy Nash on 1st with no outs and Bailey bunts her to 2nd. Why not have her steal 2nd?

Here's how the lineup seems to be after one weekend of games:

C-Moore.I really like her D. a lot but she did not have an especially good weekend. Threw out zero base stealers and quite a few pitches popped out of her glove during the weekend. When I bellyached about it to someone with a clue, I was told we changed glove suppliers and she was breaking in a new one. Can't that be done before the game?
anyway, she will be fine.I guess her backups will be Wert and Torres. Kadlec probably will be a bullpen catcher and won't play.

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