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Green New Deal: Not Certain US Will Buy Into A WWII Effort

Posted on: February 11, 2019 at 21:40:33 CT
ScottsdaleTiger MU
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A number of the proponents of the Green New Deal have stated it will require America to give World War II type of effort.

Bluntly, I question whether the American people will be willing to buy into giving a similar level effort to WWII to fight global warming. Thinking about the effort, the sacrifices the folks on the home front gave and made. I remember stories of rationing of essential goods and services, high income tax rates on everyone, no social safety net.

America is after all a democracy and no matter how right, worthwhile or needed a particular program may be, if a majority of the voters reject it . . .. Voters in a democracy don't always vote for what the supposed "elite" consider to be the "best" policy. I.e. Brexit.

And it strikes me those pushing the Green New Deal are doing a disservice to America by proposing grandiose plans without giving much thought to how they will be financed and how those plans will affect everyone.
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