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Exactly, that is the obvious plan

Posted on: March 14, 2019 at 19:12:01 CT
quicksand MU
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Their athletic department is bankrupt as a result of atrocious mismanagement of the football program in order to properly fund their wildly corrupt basketball program. They can’t even afford to buy out their football coach (who was possibly even a more negligent hire than when we hired KA in basketball) so they are conjuring up NCAA violations in football knowing that any penalties they receive (post-season bans, loss of scholarships) will be basically meaningless given that they have the worst program in the country, won’t be bowl eligible for years, and can’t come close to filling all of their scholarships to begin with.

Their upcoming basketball investigation will be very expensive. They will almost certainly come out unscathed as a result of the incompetence and intrinsic bias of the NCAA, but it is going to cost them a pretty penny, which they don’t currently have.
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          Exactly, that is the obvious plan - quicksand MU - 3/14 19:12:01

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