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Great summary, thanks...

Posted on: April 10, 2019 at 04:36:13 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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Agree with pretty much everything.

Wert does have it all, although all-SEC is a high bar, there is so much talent in the conference. But she certainly has a chance to achieve that. I’m sure Malveaux is working with her on the strikeouts, and choosing her pitches to really rip on. She doesn’t need the home run swing on nearly every pitch. She’s a tough competitor, slick fielder, and has great power.

And Moore is moving into that rarified all-SEC territory also. Already one of the best defensive catchers in the conference in her sophomore season, her improved hitting is just amazing. If she becomes a solid .300+ hitter she could definitely be all conference.

Those 2, and Wilmes, are carrying the team right now on offense, making things happen. Which is critical, because overall, you have to say a number of other key players are underperforming at the plate, including: Nash, Romaine, Martin, Bailey.

I know there are only so many at bats to go around, but wish we could see more opportunities for Decker, Raabe, G. Garrison, and George.

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