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Baseball vs. LSU this weekend will be a big tell as far as

Posted on: April 12, 2019 at 11:08:57 CT
MizzouAstro MU
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what this team's tournament hopes are.

If we get swept, that will just about nix the chances to make the tournament. There are too many top 10 teams left on the schedule to expect to bounce back. We'd have to win the series vs. UT, UF, USCe and either Vandy or UGA if we get swept. That isn't really something that's possible.

If we go 1-2, we kick the can down the road. This team can make the tournament if they take 1 game vs. LSU/UGA/Vandy. They just have to win the other series (UT/UF/USCe) which is doable.

If they win this series that skyrockets their at-large resume with a legitimate series win over a top 10 team. We still have to win at least 2 more series out of the 5 remaining and NOT get swept in any other series, but that is absolutely doable.
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