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Attempting to project an ideal situation for the next couple

Posted on: April 15, 2019 at 21:56:49 CT
alwaysright MU
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I would say (and I did a month or so ago) that a grad transfer PF is the single best thing we could do right now, but that looks unlikely. Also weird that Jontay has not gone ahead and declared, and even if he did miraculously come back, he's likely not ready before Christmas. He should just go get what he can get.

At this point, I think it's pretty safe we give s ride to Braun and Jontay leaves. That gives us 2 scholarships to work with right now.

The best option is a HS Center that has fallen through the cracks a bit and will not complain to sit and get minimal playing time behind Tilmon and Nikko, but can comes on and can replace at least Nikko and maybe be a reasonable player as a Soph if Tilmon leaves. Kind of a fantasy scenario, but would be ideal. I'd still live a big, but it looks like the staff is not interested.

Therefore, the best option is that Braun really is going to become something and we can rely on him as our next big man. I would absolutely let one scholarship go unused (or just let Suggs use it again) and very well might let both of them go unused. If we get Williams, fine. He should have to sit out and would then fit into the class with Pinson, Watson, & Pickett as a junior in 20-21.

That gives us 3 spots available for the 2020 recruiting class. At this point, we've assumed Braun is our big of the future because we aren't recruiting a big right now. Therefore, I'd say the ideal situation then might be....Fletcher and Kasubke with Luke proving to be an elite outside shooter that can handle the rest of the game well enough and will not quit if he does a lot of sitting as a frosh and maybe even a soph. Then it is time to find another PG to round out the class.

At this point, our roster would look like this.
SR=4 JR=4 SO=3 FR=3
PG=2.5 Wing=7.5 Stretch=2 Center=2 (Splitting Dru)

In reality, we'd kind of be overloaded and some guys would probably be unhappy and leave because there would likely not be huge differences in ability in some spots where there is a big difference in playing time.

As Cuonzo noted in the recent PM interview, you can't really have a full roster of guys who all are good enough to play. But this plan kind of puts us in place to move forward with the 3 kids per year plan that I advocate.
2 4* and 1 3* every year. 1 PG every other year. I Center Every other year. Wings and Stretch forwards in all the other spots.
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