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RE: Flacco is a dick. His job is what his coaches tell him it

Posted on: May 15, 2019 at 14:23:11 CT
Grizzly999 MU
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This whole deal out here is a media creation. Headlines: "Flacco won't Mentor Lock". A bit of a stretch. The Broncos themselves started this non-story from day one by stating DL will compete for the back up job and learn from Flacco. Drew has been silent through all this and is quietly going about his job. If Flacco goes down or just doesn't have it, we may get our own "Wally Pipp" story where Flacco never sees the field again.
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     he's washed up and the end is near for him - Jeff85 MU - 5/14 07:07:45
     He said pretty much exactly what his coach said.(nm) - zodiac6 JC - 5/14 01:39:28
          Difference is that is what the coach should say - MoGold MU - 5/14 18:19:30
     LOL... I read the story and was coming here to post the same - DrViagra MU - 5/14 00:57:02
     Sounds like a real team guy......not(nm) - jmlppx MU - 5/13 23:04:52

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