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I contend that the D party is in fact the party of

Posted on: May 16, 2019 at 11:36:27 CT
hokie VT
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alexandria's occasional-kotex, kamal-toe harris, spartacus, mayor butt-itch and NYC mayor dumblasio.

It is in fact the party of post partum abortions, open borders, higher taxes, the green new deal and socialism.

It is funny in a sad and deceitful kind of way that the press corpse says that biden's lead in the polls is proof that the socialist party isn't really socialist. They are just a middle of the road group of patriotic americans who might lean ever so slightly to the left.

Like they said about the black marxist. Remember that lie?

AOC, and her pickle level idiots are outliers, not the mainstream of the democrat party.


Nancy the chest pelosi is working hard and correctly, to pretend that the radical palestinian and the other idiots on the left of her party are NOT the mainstream democrats.

But they are.

The biden gambit is a fake to the center. Someone yesterday praised his integrity (didn't mention his plagiarism scandal or his kid's ukraine adventures) and said that he is proof that the party is not radical.

Biden was eight years the VP of a racist black anti american marxist piece of human sewage. Biden was obama's little puppy and did what ever his master wanted, including socializing health care, weaponizing the IRS, lying about fast and furious and bengazhi.

Remember the summer of recovery?

Biden is another soul-less politician who will do or say whatever it takes to get and hold power. If he thinks he needs to bluff a move to the middle, he will. If he needs to tell blacks, "They're gonna put you all BACK in chains" he'll do that.

The democrat party's blood is red. Red like stalin, mao and lenin. And dumBlasio, AOC and Mayor butt-itch.

Red like barrack hussein obama and the congressional black caucus.

Anyone stupid enough to think they'll elect uncle joe to stop trump AND to keep the socialist radicals at bay is a fool. The appeal to moderates is just a ploy to get power for the socialists.

Remember, socialists cannot ever tell you what their real motives are. Even idiots won't vote for them if they tell the truth. The idiots actually know the truth, (right raskol?) but they don't want to hear or see it. It makes them uncomfortable.

Hurts their feelings.

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