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What's amazing about this is

Posted on: June 7, 2019 at 11:53:24 CT
longtimereader MU
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particularly in the case of Mark, Pickett and Watson with some people, it always seem to come down to 1 player against another as if we don't need them all to be the best they can be. They all bring something different and are better than the other in some aspects of the game. Maximizing their individual stronger points is the real key. Mark was on pace to take slightly less than 300 fga had he played the full season and similarly slightly less than 200 3fga's. That volume! Watson and Pickett did what they did in a full season minus 1 game for Pickett. Overall Mark had the best efficiency numbers of the 3 followed by Watson. Though Watson shot 3s at a higher rate than the other 2. Even with that being the case Watson went to the free throw line at a higher rate than the other 2. This is not to make 1 better than the other but to show these 3 are good examples of who probably should take the higher volumes of shots this year along with Tilmon as of now. That lends to the winning success of the team as a whole which interest me more than their individual accomplishments.

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