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I'm just pointing out the flaws in your deranged logic.

Posted on: July 12, 2019 at 15:30:25 CT
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DDT Bad! Kills birds. Windmills kill birds! Great!

DDT would also help reduce 880K dying from malaria.

You don't care. Nor would you care if high energy prices killed elderly or poor people either.

Oh well, it's time for happy hour with things you may not be familiar with. they are called friends.

and unlike yours, mine aren't imaginary, but buy rounds and other people can see them.

Have a nice day, Krazy kid killer! Ooh, can I just shorten that to KKK?

Well, that's another discussion.
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Win win - JG MU - 7/12 14:44:48
     RE: Win win - MOCO SON MU - 7/12 15:05:58
     doesn't that mean we're spending less on the military?(nm) - dangertim STL - 7/12 14:45:40
          lol These generals needs their toys to play war with(nm) - El-ahrairah BAMA - 7/12 15:13:32
               I think it's great it hasn't been filled. I'm just messing - dangertim STL - 7/12 15:19:08
                    You big gubbiment hypocrites are so - JG MU - 7/12 17:44:55
          You would think so- but no - JG MU - 7/12 14:46:21
               Hey since I got you on....RE: Your Green New Deal - dangertim STL - 7/12 14:49:09
                    Lots of big words that scream - Mormad MU - 7/12 14:52:16
                    Like you , I can't think of any thing, idea or institution - JG MU - 7/12 14:50:52
                         So, MO GUBMIT will solve this. - Newcatbirdseat MU - 7/12 15:33:51
                         Hmm. Like letting children die to save birds, like you do? - RHAYWORTH MU - 7/12 15:14:37
                              Yes you have proven you are Tigerboard's most stupid poster - JG MU - 7/12 15:16:43
                                   I'm just pointing out the flaws in your deranged logic. - RHAYWORTH MU - 7/12 15:30:25
                                        LOL - JG MU - 7/12 15:49:33
               Probably means they have to farm more work to contractors - SparkyStalcup MU - 7/12 14:47:52

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